Dr. Ofri Ilany talks to Dr. Yael Almog about her book

Secularism and Hermeneutics

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Wednesday | 30.09.20 | 18:00

Conversation In Hebrew

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New Biblical Readings: Conversations on New Scripture-centered Books

Secularism and Hermeneutics

How did David Ben-Gurion’s Bible circle contribute to normalizing the occupation? And how did Jews in secularized Germany go from being bad interpreters of the Bible to bad readers of poetry?

The conversation series “New Biblical Readings” will be devoted to in-depth discussions of new books centered on the Bible in modern times. Through conversations between the authors and fellow researchers we will explore different moments of the Bible’s acceptance as a modern book, and understand how its extraction from traditional reading contexts and integration in new contexts impacted not only the reality in which it was read but also the meaning of the text itself. In discussions combining religion, nationalism and hermeneutics, the books present different ways in which the Bible became a constitutive text of new political, intellectual, and aesthetic structures, whose overt and covert impact has shaped the world we live in.


Dr. Ofri Ilany

Dr. Yael Almog

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