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Transition, Crossing, Border: A series of talks with film director Amos Gitai

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Sunday | 19.12.21 | 18:00

Second talk | Prof. Eran Neuman and Amos Gitai

(in Hebrew)

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Architecture and cinema are not intimate arts. Unlike painting in the studio, they are concerned with collective enterprises that require common work. Both involve translating texts into forms. Architecture begins with a scheme that describes the site, the functions of the structure, the budget, the materials and so on. These are texts that it must turn into a configurational plan in a three dimensional space. The filmmaker works with a screenplay, but also begins with mere words. The essence of the creative process is transforming those words into visual images, temporal form and a cinematic statement. Amos Gitai’s films actualize an artistic process that can develop sequentially; abandon itself to chance and the unexpected; conduct a continuous dialogue in the work process; and remain open the whole time to re-examination of the characteristics of the project versus its principles.

The encounter will include screening of segments from the films House (1980), Golem (1991), Kadosh (1999), Alila (2003) and A Tramway in Jerusalem (2018).

About the series:

In the Middle East, more than anywhere else, the work of the filmmaker resembles that of the archaeologist. It involves the cautious exposure of layers of life; examination of memories and stories from the past in an attempt to be relevant and to touch upon contemporary human issues. This raises the question: what happens to the cinematic aesthetic when it clashes with the principle of illustration? Does it then become/present a form of cinematic ethics? This question, along with the question of cinema in a constantly changing geopolitical context, will be discussed in the present series. The series is based on Gitai’s films and segments of them will be shown during the encounters.


Prof. Eran Neuman, Tel Aviv University

Amos Gitai, An architect by training, graduate of the Technion and PhD from Berkeley University

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