On Campus & Online | A partnership-based Israeli-Palestinian peace: Toward a Changed Paradigm

Wednesday | 10.05.23 09:00
Until Thursday | 11.05.23 19:00

A partnership-based Israeli-Palestinian peace: Toward a Changed Paradigma

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Twenty years after the collapse of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process
and the intensification of the occupation and Jewish colonization, it is becoming clear that
a separation-based two-state solution has reached a dead end. In light of that, new proposals are being put forth for Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation and decolonization based on a new paradigm of equality and partnership.

The conference participants will include approximately 70 experts—Jewish, Palestinian, and international. Proposals, analyses, and conceptualizations of partnership-based peace will be presented and discussed, and their influence on politics, civil society, and academic research will be examined.

Plenary session:

  • Palestinian/Israeli Reconciliation Scenarios - Prof. As’ad Ghanem, Dr. Dahlia Scheindlin
  • Learning from (Relative) Successes: Belgium and the European Union - Prof. Paul Magnette (the socialist leader in Belgium and the European Union), Dr. Yousef Jabareen
  • The Challenges of Building Jewish-Palestinian Partnership - with the participation of Knesset members and key Israeli and Palestinian political and social activists
  • How can the Social Sciences in Israel Look Like under the New
    Paradigm? - Prof. Oren Yiftachel, Dr. Yael Barda, Dr. Areej Sabbagh-Khoury,
    Prof. Yuval Feinstein, Dr. Emir Fakhouri
  • The Partnership Paradigm: A Research and Political Agenda - Dr. Assaf David, Dr. Rula Hardal, Dr. Limor Yehuda

The conference will include 12 parallel sessions on topics related to models of partnership; new comparisons and conceptualizations; religion and reconciliation; fluidity and rigidity of borders; the role of transitional justice; transformation under long-term occupation; blind spots; bottom-up partnerships; binational partnership within the space of Israeli citizenship; and memory, recognition, and political imagination.

The conference will be held in Hebrew. Most of the lectures will be simultaneously translated into English.

Steering Committee: Limor Yehuda, Ameer Fakhoury, Assaf David, Rula Hardal, Oren Yiftachel, Yael Barda

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