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Defining Antisemitism between History and Politics

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Tuesday | 31.05.22 | 16:15

Defining Antisemitism between History and Politics

International Workshop |


What is antisemitism? Is it important to define antisemitism? Is anti-Zionism a case of antisemitism? Is antisemitism a form of racism?
This international conference aims to address such questions from a variety of disciplines and perspectives.

The question of how to define and combat antisemitism divides both the Jewish world and global opinion, with Israel and Zionism at the heart of these disputes. This roundtable brings together voices from diverse perspectives to take a closer look at what is and is not antisemitism today.


Chair: Prof. David Feldman, Birkbeck Institute, University of London



Dr. Seth Anziska, University College London

Saba-Nur Cheema, Frankfurt University

Prof. (Emeritus) Moshe Zimmermann, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Adv. Michal Cotler-Wunsh

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