Online | A Push from the Pandemic: Thoughts about Transformations in Global Economy Following COVID-19

Wednesday | 04.08.21 | 19:00

A Panel Discussion | 

The COVID-19 pandemic has almost all at once pushed to the heart of the mainstream discourse ideas and concepts that had never before succeeded in penetrating it. Various forms of the shorter work week, universal basic income, communal organizing, and work from home—all these have been implemented in most of the countries affected by the pandemic, even those with a distinctly neoliberal economy.

In the discussion we will examine these transformations and the opportunities they create for postcapitalist change in the global economy. We will examine how the coronavirus brought us back to the community and to home and how it made us rethink labor and the value of labor. We will also consider how the pandemic has shown that an austerity policy cannot mitigate a crisis, and that not-for-profit financial institutions, rather than the commercial banks, are the most effective means for bringing about economic recovery.


Shani Bar-Tuvia, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

Hagar Tzameret, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

Mickey Peled, Tel Aviv University

Yair Kaldor, Tel Aviv University

Shani Cohen, Harvard University

Daniel Gutwein, University of Haifa

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