Dr. Hagar Tzameret

Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Hagar Tzameret is an economist and a sociologist, engaged in applied research on economic and social policy. For many years she was the director of research at the Tel Aviv-based Macro Center for Political Economics, worked with policy makers in the Knesset and the government, and conducted a variety of studies combining quantitative and qualitative research methods, including within the framework of "Midgam" - a consulting and research company. Her doctorate focused on the professional discourse on poverty in Israel, specifically with the development and the significance of the poverty index.

At the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute Dr. Tzameret, together with the WIPS team, developed the Gender Inequality Index, and she heads the research team which continues to improve and expand it. Together with a team of researchers that study postcapitalism, led by Dr. Kfir Cohen Lustig, she is conducting research on alternatives to the capitalistic model.

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