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Series of Discussions: Jews and the Empires: Political Imagination in the Present

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Tuesday | 13.07.21 | 19:00

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Dr. Abigail Jacobson and Dr. Yuval Evri | 


World War I wrought a very significant change in the place of Palestine–Eretz Israel. Following 400 years under the Ottoman imperial order, it became part of the British Empire. This transition led to far-reaching changes in the centers of regional, communal, and global affiliation of the country’s native population and settlers. In this encounter, Dr. Abigail Jacobson and Dr. Yuval Evri will discuss the period of transition from one imperial order to the other; how the members of the various communities saw themselves—those for whom the change led to a decline in status and those who benefited from it; the ramifications of the transition for the foci of national affiliation formed in this space; the issue of Jewish–Arab coexistence; ethnic stratification within Jewish society; and changes in the period’s urban experience.

Organizers of the series: Ido HarariDr. Avi-ram Tzoreff, Dr. Maya Shabbat, Dafna Schreiber


Dr. Abigail Jacobson, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Yuval Evri, Brandeis University

Chair: Ido Harari, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

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