Online | Nationalization, Violence, and Imperial Space

A Series of Discussions: Jews and the Empires: Political Imagination in the Present

Sunday | 17.10.21 | 19:00

Fourth Discussion | 

Dr. Orit Ouaknine Yekutieli, Prof. Hillel Cohen, and Dr. Oded Steinberg | 

In this session we will discuss the ways in which the rise of concepts of race and nation influenced the coexistence of diverse groups in various imperial spaces, and particularly Jewish existence in these spaces. In the discussion, which will consider, simultaneously, Europe, North Africa, and Eretz Israel-Palestine, we will address the ways in which these processes were manifested in irredentist tendencies and violent eruptions, as opposed to more complex and heterogeneous views of collective, regional, and imperial affiliation.

Organizers of the series: Ido HarariDr. Avi-ram Tzoreff, Dr. Maya Shabbat, Dr. Dafna Schreiber


Dr. Orit Ouaknine Yekutieli, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Prof. Hillel Cohen, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Oded Steinberg, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Chair: Ido Harari, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

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