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Tuesday | 01.06.21 | 19:00

Discussion |

with Prof. Yanay Ofran | 

Moderated by Prof. Oren Harman

Living creatures eat each other just as they are—raw and unseasoned—but human beings are different: They grow, nurture, graft, cook, chop, mix, and season a huge variety of creatures and products. Their choice of what to eat and how to prepare it affects their health and the structure of their society and economy perhaps even more than any other human choice. The information revolution and the revolution of genomic research have changed the world over the past decade, but they have had almost no influence on our food. Now it seems that this is about to change. Will we be able to use genetic engineering and artificial intelligence to reinvent our nutrition and develop food that is also therapeutic? Are we on the verge of a revolution even greater than the agricultural revolution? And what will medicine, culture, and the economy be like in the wake of this revolution?

The broadcast will have Hebrew captions


Prof. Yanay Ofran, UKKO and Bar-Ilan University

Prof. Oren Harman, Bar-Ilan University; The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

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