Online | The Ghost in the Attic: Women and the Home of Philosophy

Tuesday | 11.01.22 | 19:00

A Panel Discussion |

(in Hebrew)

The home, both as a concrete and a symbolic concept, is identified with women so absolutely that “woman” is a metonym for “home.” This is the woman whose "Honor is from Within", as declared in Psalms, occupying the space of the home; and she is “The Angel in the House,” who is identified with housework and care-work for its residents.

At times the home is a prison for women, not allowing creativity or even life within its walls; At times, it's a shelter that allows giving and personal expression. It is impossible to understand the concept of home, or to engage with it concretely and metaphorically, without addressing women and gender.

This event is a response to, and a continuation of, the series of lectures that took place at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, The Home of Philosophy: Home as a Metaphor in Thought.

In opposition to the deeply rooted tendency of Western philosophical tradition to erase the real and symbolic presence, this event seeks to make them present and central in thinking about subjectivity and the home.

The discussion will challenge this philosophical tradition and present additional ways to think of, and understand, life positions that are not included in the imaginary world of the traditional philosopher.


  • Miri Rozmarin, Bar-Ilan University and the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute
  • Hannah Nave, Tel Aviv University
  • Sheikha Helawy, poet and author, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
  • Yonit Naaman, poet and editor, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

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