Philosophy at the End of the World – Hegel, Agamben, and the Day After

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Tuesday | 26.01.21 | 20:30

Second meeting in honor of the publication of Issue 53 of Theory and

Dr. Gal Katz, Shir Hacham, Dr. Yoav Ronel, Dr. Shaul Setter | 

Agamben and Hegel: Why should we read them, especially today?
What in their total and all-encompassing philosophy can describe or
interpret the current political moment—a moment of dismantling and
lack of a way out, of confusion and error? What is the end of history
that each of them predicted and how is it related to the end of a
particular world order—and with it, also, the order of culture and
meaning—that we are witnessing now? And what can come after it?


Dr. Gal Katz, Columbia University
Shir Hacham, independent scholar
Dr. Yoav Ronel, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem
Editor-in-chief of Theory and Criticism, Dr. Shaul Setter, moderator

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