The Migrating Food Pot

Palestinian and Israeli Cuisines Abroad

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Tuesday | 30.06.20 | 19:00

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In the last few years Middle Eastern, Palestinian and Israeli cuisines have experienced a global boom, from London to New York, Paris to Berlin, Sydney to Beijing. What is the secret of this success, and how can the phenomenon be understood? How does “migrant” cuisine integrate into local culinary culture, and what happens to the culinary politics of the Levant as it travels overseas?

Session Two - In English

A Roundtable Series about Food and Politics

Turning the Tables: Palestinian and Israeli Cuisines on the Cutting Board

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Chefs, sommeliers, and scholars, Jews and Arabs, talk about food and politics in the kitchen.


Participants: Reem KassisYotam OttolenghiGal Ben Moshe, Claudia Roden

Moderators: Prof. Daniel, MonterescuDr. Ronald Ranta

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