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Wednesday | 24.01.24 | 18:45

חזרתה של היהדות מהמערב – לאן?

Discussion evening (in Hebrew) |

In honor of the publication of Avinoam Rosenak's book,

Clashing Identities – Mixed Marriages: A Philosophical, Theological, and Educational-Philosophical Analysis (Carmel Publishing, 2023)

To what extent is the legitimacy of the claim of the Jewish people and Judaism to continued self-determination and differentiation preserved in the current era? What are the challenges to preserving this distinction against the background of the current manifestation of liberalism as it has developed in the West in recent decades, and why is this distinction eroding? These and other questions will be addressed at the event honoring Prof. Avinoam Rosenak's book. They are particularly relevant in these tense days in Israel and the world.

18:45 – Gathering

19:00 – Opening remarks by Dr. Noga Bing, Director, The Melton Centre for Jewish Education, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

19:10 – Dynamic discussion moderated by Sharon Leshem Zinger, with the participation of:

Prof. Jonathan Cohen, School of Education, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Malka Puterkovsky, Mandel Leadership Institute

Dr. David Barak-Gorodetsky, University of Haifa

Prof. Avinoam Rosenak, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

*The discussion will include audience participation.

 20:45 – Closing remarks by Prof. Avinoam Rosenak

The event is a collaboration of The Melton Centre for Jewish Education, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Shaharit Institute.

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