What is Hegelian Ethics?

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Monday | 05.04.21 | 18:00

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The Yirmiyahu Yovel Memorial Spinoza Lectures

Waiting for the Absolute: The Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of Hegel’s Birth

The Eleventh Series of the Spinoza Center

Convened and moderated by Prof. Pini Ifergan and Dr. Dror Yinon

This year the Yirmiyahu Yovel Memorial Spinoza Lectures will focus on the thought of the German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. The 250th anniversary of his birth was marked in 2020. Hegel’s thought, which covers all areas of philosophy and touches on both the most abstract questions and on all aspects of tangible reality, continues to be relevant, to be taught, to generate new interpretations, and to serve as the basis of insights that make it possible to examine human activity and social life from a new perspective. This year, each session of the series will be conducted online as a conversation between two scholars. We will discuss familiar and classic texts from among Hegel’s oeuvre such as his Master-Slave Dialectic and we will discover new aspects of them; we will consider Hegel’s famous critique of Immanuel Kant’s ethics, and we will also present the positive aspect of Hegel’s own ethics. Finally, we will shed light on a part of Hegel’s thought that is less known, especially in Israel: his aesthetics, the most famous expression of which is his provocative statement regarding the end of art.


Prof. Pini Ifergan, Bar-Ilan University; the Spinoza Center at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

Prof. Ido Geiger, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

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