Dr. Aviva Goller

Director of Strategy and Resource Development

Aviva Goller is a strategic thinker and relationship-builder whose mission is to create opportunities locally and abroad for bettering civil society in Israel. As the Director of Strategy and Development at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, Aviva led the organization's strategy refresh process in 2022, and engages with community leaders and philanthropists to pursue its mission of an inclusive democracy. She formerly worked at the Jerusalem International YMCA, where she developed an international network of supporters for shared society endeavors in Jerusalem.

Aviva holds a PhD in Cognitive Neuropsychology from the University of Sussex in England, where her research focused on phantom limb sensations and synesthesia in amputees. She is a qualified personal trainer and group exercise instructor and taught regular courses for the Academic College at Wingate. She enjoys Hawaiian music, public speaking and multicultural encounters.

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