Dr. Miri Rozmarin

Senior Research Fellow, Co-director of the Feminism & Gender area

Dr. Miri Rozmarin is a senior lecturer in the Gender Studies Program at Bar-Ilan University. She is also a senior research fellow and the head of the Contemporary Feminist Political Subjectivity research lab at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. She has a PhD in philosophy from Tel Aviv University. Her areas of specialization are feminist philosophy, social theory, and ethics. Her research interests include issues related to the nature of social transformation, political subjectivity, vulnerability as a theoretical framework for understanding social change, and approaches to time that promote change. She has studied and continues to study aspects of motherhood as a psychosocial position. Her first book, Creating Oneself: Agency, Desire and Feminist Transformations, appeared in 2012. Her second book, Vulnerable Futures, Transformative PastsOn Vulnerability, Temporality and Ethics, which received a grant from the Israel Science Foundation and appeared in 2017, addresses vulnerability as a characteristic of social life. The book examines how vulnerability can be the basis for a view of temporality that promotes social action. She is currently studying vulnerability as the basis for contemporary political subjectivity.  

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