Dr. Ofer Sitbon

Director of a research project in conjunction with the Shaharit institute

Ofer is a senior research fellow at the Shaharit—Creating Common Cause institute. He is the head of the Clinic for Corporate Responsibility in the College of Law and Business and lectures on law, society, and societal change. He earned his PhD in the Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University. His dissertation was on an attempt to include considerations of social responsibility in corporate law in England. He is among the founders of Ma’asei Mishpat, a journal on law and social change, and was its editor between 2007and 2012. At the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute he directed the Privatizations and Nationalizations in Israel website of the Center for Social Justice in Memory of Yaacov Chazan from May 2015 to the end of 2017. Since 2018 he has co-directed, with Prof. Dani Filc and Dr. Eilon Schwartz, the "Towards a Popular Classes Based Political Economy" research project in conjunction with the Shaharit institute.

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