Prof. Pini Ifergan

Senior Research Fellow

Prof. Pini Ifergan teaches in the Department of Philosophy at Bar-Ilan University. His main fields of practice lie between the philosophy of Kant and the philosophy of Hegel, especially focusing on Hegel’s thought and the history of its reception in the 19th and 20th centuries.  

Prof. Ifergan’s interest in this philosophical tradition relates not only to its place in the history of philosophy but also to the decisive way in which this period shaped modern humanity’s understanding of itself.  

This portrayal of humankind, and especially the determined attempt to offer it a justification, is at the heart of his scholarly commitment. 

At the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, Prof. Ifergan co-directs the Spinoza Center with Dr. Dror Yinon. Through the center they aim to promote public interest in philosophy in general and in that of Spinoza in particular. 

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