Prof. Christoph Schmidt

Senior Research Fellow

Prof. Christoph Schmidt (born in Helsinki, 1956) teaches at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the Departments of Philosophy, Comparative Religion, and German Literature (where he is the department chair). 

His fields of practice are political theology in the context of Judeo-Christian Modernity in Europe; critical theory (Adorno, Bloch, Marcuse); classic and Romantic German literature (from Goethe to Heine) and the shift to Orientalism in German poetry; theology and critique of theology after Emmanuel Kant in the context of Jewish and Christian (Catholic and Protestant) culture; philosophy and theology between Kierkegaard and Nietzsche; the phenomenology of Martin Heidegger; philosophy as therapeutics and the therapeutic shift in philosophy in the wake of Hadot and Foucault; 20th century Jewish theology after Hermann Cohen, and the history of Jewish reform and the sciences of Judaism   

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