Prof. Hanna Herzog

Senior Research Fellow, 2018 EMET Prize Laureate

Hanna Herzog is professor emerita of sociology and anthropology at Tel Aviv University. She has written many article and books in her fields of specialization: political psychology, sociology of generations, and ethnicity and gender and their intersectionality. She received her PhD from Tel Aviv University and was the chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at that university (1999–2001). She was among the founders of the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, where she has headed the Society and Politics Program since its establishment. She is among the founders of the Women and Gender Studies Program at Tel Aviv University. She was the president of the (international) Association for Israel Studies and has been a visiting scholar at Boston College, the City University of New York, and in 2004–2005 a visiting scholar and lecturer at Harvard in its Women’s Studies in Religion Program. International collaboration of the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute with women scholars worldwide led to a book edited by Prof. Herzog: Gendering Religion and Politics: Untangling Modernities (Harvard University Press). In addition, she participated in the international study titled Getting Respect (Princeton University Press). She is among the founders of the journal Israeli Sociology and served as a member of its editorial board and as its editor.

At the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute she is among the founders of the Center for the Advancement of Women in the Public Sphere (WIPS) and is a co-director of She Knows – Israel's Gender Knowledge Center, which publishes an annual gender index. In 2006–2012 she headed the civil society theme at the Institute. The publications she initiated or edited at the Institute include Arab Society in Israel: A Statistical Yearbook; Knowledge and Silence (with Kinneret Lahad); Generations, Locations, Identities (with Shimshon Zelniker and Tal Kohavi); and Theseus’s Paradox: Gender, Religion and State.

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