Dr. Khaled Furani

Dr. Khaled Furani
Senior Research Fellow
Fields of Practice: 
Social theory, modernity, language and literature, theology, secularism, Palestine, the history of anthropology

Dr. Khaled Furani is an associate professor of Anthropology at Tel-Aviv University. His research interests include social theory, modernity, language and literature, theology, secularism, Palestine, and the history of anthropology. He has published articles in American Anthropologist, American Ethnologist, Comparative Studies in Society and History, Annual Review of Anthropology, Arab Studies Journal, Journal of the American Academy of Religion, Theory and Event, Interventions, Boundary 2, and Postcripts. His ethnography, Silencing the Sea: Secular Rhythms in Palestinian Poetry appeared in 2012 with Stanford University Press. His next book, Redeeming Anthropology: A Theological Critique of a Modern Science, examining the relationship between anthropology and theology, is forthcoming in 2019 with Oxford University Press.

Furani is currently exploring what a Palestinian critique of the modern concept of sovereignty might look like or could possibly accomplish. At the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, he is currently leading two groups. The first, “Critical Incubator,” aims to provide a space for intellectual and practical support to Palestinian graduate students in the humanities and social sciences at Israeli universities. The second, “Arabic and the Task of Thinking,” aims to recover and discover ways in which Arabic language as a courier of nomadic and cross-civilizational wisdom could induce thinking through today’s darkness of colonized conditions.