Inside the Leviathan

Palestinian Experiences in Israeli Universities

Edited by

Khaled Jamal Furani and Yara Sa’di-Ibraheem

Publisher Van Leer Institute Press & Dar Laila Publishing
Language Arabic
Year of Publication 2022

This book is the fruit of a research and discussion group that operated at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute between 2019 and 2021, consisting of Palestinian students studying in Israeli universities. The group explored ways of manufacturing Palestinian knowledge that is aware of its developement in a neoliberal settlement context, and under the conditions of Palestinian existence in its universal contexts.

The book has three chapters. The first consists of interviews, in an attempt to explore the mindset of Palestinian scholars in order to understand the creation process of emancipatory thought. The second chapter consists of testimonies that document the experiences of Palestinian students in Israeli universities in the past and present. The third chapter is comparative, broadening the scope and describing the experiences of students from around the world who belong to subjugated groups struggling for their rights. The chapter includes four texts translated from important books on this topic.

Some of the members of the Critical Incubator participated in writing this book: Samah Abbas, Lubaba Sabri, Amir Marshi, Amir Nassar, Jamal Abu Hanna, Adwa’ Diab, Khaled Awida, Alaa Haj Yahya, and Shihab Idris. Other contributors to the book were Abdul-Salam Abdul-Ghani and Taghreed Jahshan. The introduction was written by Khaled Jamal Furani. The conclusion was written by Nadim Rouhana, and the afterword was written by Yara Sa'di-Ibraheem.

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