The research group started functioning at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute in February 2020. It aims to create a historical, social, cultural, and political characterization of the current unique moment in which the parties of the Zionist center-left and the Arab-Palestinian parties in Israel are feeling their way toward each other. The group is striving for a formulation of a shared political syntax; a toolbox that includes a bridging narrative; formulas for political and ethical justification; and social, cultural, and political frameworks. All of these aspects will join into a subset that can be called “binational interventional politics.” Its purpose is to create an intellectual, epistemological, theoretical, and normative theory that will allow Palestinian-Arab politics more room in which to maneuver in Jewish-Zionist politics and that will open new opportunities and possibilities for productive political and national discussion within Jewish-Zionist politics. The moral demand of the group’s members is an increase in equality and civil and national justice and the development of a political tradition of respectful national partnership.