Manual for Decision Making Prior to Privatization and Outsourcing

Should We Privatize, and If So, How?


Amit Ben-Tzur

Publisher Van Leer Institute Press
Language Hebrew
Year of Publication 2014
Series The Center for Social Justice and Democracy

The aim of this manual is to help government ministries explore ways to improve a service or specific operation for which they are responsible. The manual is designed to help a ministry consider whether privatization is indeed the most appropriate option and whether it will yield the anticipated results. Should the ministry’s team find that partial privatization is the most appropriate option for improving service, the manual will help the team conduct a thorough examination of that option and prepare the process of privatizing the service; it can also help in the process of contracting for a service or operation that has already been privatized.

The manual is intended as a guide to examining any partial privatization, of any kind and of any extent, mainly in the social services, and to ensure a responsible and professional process so there is no harm to either the services provided to the state’s inhabitants or the public service.

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