Regulation in Israel

Values, Effectiveness, Methods

Edited by

Eyal Tevet, Itzhak Galnoor

Publisher Van Leer Institute Press and Hakibbutz Hameuchad
Language Hebrew
Year of Publication 2019
Series The Center for Social Justice and Democracy, Theory in Context Series

In 2007, the Center for Social Justice and Democracy in memory of Yaacov Chazan at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute undertook a broad interdisciplinary study whose first part was published as the book Privatization Policy in Israel (edited by Itzhak Galnoor, Amir Paz-Fuchs, and Nomika Zion, 2015). This volume is the necessary sequel, because of the assumption that regulation can guard against the potential failures of privatization and outsourcing.

Regulation in Israel: Values, Effectiveness, Methods has three parts. The first two focus on the following questions: Can regulation balance conflicting values; if so, how; and is a government ministry suited to performing the role of regulator as well? The last part examines the various methods of conducting regulation.

The articles in this book consider regulation in various areas, including banking, beaches, HMOs, public transportation, Channel 10, contract workers, Third Sector organizations, and small businesses. The articles point out the existence of over-regulation in some areas and under-regulation in others, but the main insight arising from them is the absence of a clear and consistent regulation policy in Israel. In light of that, recommendations are made for changing Israel’s regulation policy so as to achieve the goal shared by all regulation—protecting vital interests of the public.

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