The Christian Poet of Zion

In Memory of Father Marcel-Jacques Dubois

Edited by
Avital Wohlman, Yossef Schwartz
Publisher Van Leer Institute Press and Hakibbutz Hameuchad
Language Hebrew
Year of Publication 2012
Series Theory in Context Series

What is left, today, of the Christian belief in a divine program? What place does this program allot to Jews, not to mention those who are neither Jews nor Christians? This question was at the core of Christian theology in the twentieth century—especially after the Holocaust, the establishment of Israel, and the resolution of the second Vatican council (Vatican II). The Dominican Marcel-Jacques Dubois (1920–2007) devoted his life and all his spiritual and intellectual forces to dealing with this issue. In 1962 it led him to leave his native France and take up residence in Jerusalem. Professor Dubois was the chair of the Philosophy Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the head of the Vatican Commission on Jewish-Christian Relations. In 1996 he was awarded the Israel Prize for his life’s work.

This book is a collection of articles and reflections by Dubois’ colleagues in both the academic world and the Church. The articles deal with three main topics that reflect his areas of activity and thereby shed light on his personality: the teaching of philosophy, theological discourse, and the building of a bridge for Jewish-Christian dialogue. The volume sees belief not as an easy solution for those in search of dogmatic answers to their questions, but rather as a source of inspiration for those who would continue to grapple with their questions. As these articles show, dialogue is the fruit of an encounter between people who realize that they share common doubts and uncertainty about similar questions.

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