Psychoanalysis and Other Disciplines

Edited by

Emilia Perroni

Publisher Van Leer Institute Press and Hakibbutz Hameuchad
Language Hebrew
Year of Publication 2004
Series Theory in Context Series

What is time? Why is it important to deal with it, and does it really exist? Does objective time exist, or is there only subjective experience?
The experience of time is the main basis for understanding our lives and giving them meaning. Time of suffering is different from time of love or time of waiting. Masculine time is different from feminine time. Parents’ time is different from children’s time. Time in the West is totally different from time in the East, and Israeli time is influenced by Jewish time. Some people live in the past and some focus only on the future. Time: Psychoanalysis and Other Disciplines examines time as the foundation of identity, both individual and collective.

The book includes papers by scholars—most of them Israelis—from various fields of knowledge and creativity, including sociology, physics, film, literature, India studies, music, art, and psychoanalysis.
The reader will encounter various views of time, from a variety of disciplines, and will come to know time as a continuum, as movement, as eternity, and as an interpersonal dimension.

The book reveals the various strata of time: time that swallows and erodes the cells of our bodies, and time as the guide, creator, and shaper of us all.

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