Two Together

A New Religious-Secular Philosophy


Moshe Meir

Publisher Van Leer Institute Press and Magnes Press
Language Hebrew
Year of Publication 2012
Series Jewish culture and identity Publications

Moshe Meir’s book, Two Together, represents a veritable breakthrough in the philosophy of Judaism in the modern age. Its roots can be traced to the wellsprings of the philosophy of Judaism in the twentieth century, especially Herman Cohen and Rabbi Joseph D. Soloveitchik, as well as to the heritage of hassidic thought. Its background is the sterile debate between religion and secularism in a postmodern era. The author develops a new religio-philosophical language that makes it possible to cast off the armor that separates between religion and secularism, and to create not only a humane Jewish dialogue but also a bridging and unifying identity of the secular believer and the believing secularist.

“As a student of Jewish religious philosophy in the modern age who has crystallized his own position on these issues, I was deeply impressed by the innovative momentum, the clarity, and the intellectual integrity of Moshe Meir’s book, its superb structure, and his elegant style. This is an exceptional book, which, for all its profundity, is also a fluent and delightful read. It should generate a profound and pertinent debate between its fervent advocates and equally fervent opponents, whether religious or secular.”

Prof. Eliezer Schweid, Department of Jewish Thought, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

“The quest for a reinvigorating religious philosophy is among the most essential and most fascinating pursuits of all. Moshe Meir outlines a path that is both a template and the actual content of one of the most original approaches to belief in our generation. Precisely as someone who does not agree with everything he says, I attach supreme importance to having every believing person read and ponder his ideas—whether adopting them or criticizing them—because they resound with a harmonious, direct, and profound quest for God.”

Rabbi Yuval Cherlow

“In this important and original book, Moshe Meir creates, from his own image and form, the secular religious person who resembles the religious-religious person only on the outside. This fascinating creature caused me to take another look at my self and to discover that, when all is said and done, I am in fact a religious-secular person whose resemblance to a secular-secular person is only skin deep.”

Ari Elon

Moshe Meir, who holds a doctorate in Jewish Thought, is an educator and a research fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute, and a study group facilitator at Kollot. He has published three volumes of poetry and a volume of prose.

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