Mindset: A Brain Scientist Dives into Finance

Outsiders in Science, fourth season of the series “Talking about Science in the Twenty-First Century”

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Tuesday | 20.04.21 | 19:00

An Online Evening with Prof. Moshe Bar | 

Moderated by Prof. Oren Harman

Our mindset influences many aspects of our personal experience. A decade of research on the cognitive brain has led to the understanding that our mindset is naturally flexible and includes many aspects—among them creativity, risk-taking, worldview, and moods. Translating these scientific insights to the world of action—for example to treat depression or to learn how to navigate the world of finance and business—appears promising.


Prof. Moshe Bar, Bar-Ilan University

Prof. Oren Harman, Bar-Ilan University; The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

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