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Sunday | 23.05.21 | 18:00

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East Jerusalem is again the focus of a regional eruption between Israel, Hamas, and Palestinians within the Green Line and outside it. It seems that the recent violent events—which began with TikTok video clips, continued with the happenings at Damascus Gate in relation to the Jerusalem Day Flag March and in Al-Aqsa Mosque, and concluded with another military confrontation between Israel and the Gaza Strip—are testimony to the weakness of the past decade’s paradigm of sovereignty, according to which widespread investment in the socioeconomic infrastructure of East Jerusalem will reduce the national-religious tension and the potential for the deterioration of security.

Against the background of the growing interdependence of Jews and Palestinians in daily life in Jerusalem over the past decade, and in light of the tightening of mutual relations between the city’s Palestinian residents and Israel, we ask: How can we reduce the political inequality between the city’s Jewish and Palestinian residents even under the existing circumstances? How can we bring back to the fore issues that have been shunted aside, such as civil status and planning and building rights? How is it possible to civilianize governance in the city’s Palestinian neighborhoods and improve the behavior of the police in them? In this discussion we will address these issues and others in advance of the imminent publication of a report by the Institute on civilianizing Israeli policy in East Jerusalem.

The broadcast will have Hebrew subtitles.


Opening remarks

Prof. Shai Lavi, Director, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

Shai Doron, President, The Jerusalem Foundation


First Session

Chair: Dr. Assaf David, Director, Israel in the Middle East Cluster, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

Dr. Marik Shtern, The Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Adv. Nasreen Alyan, Director, The Clinic for Multiculturalism and Diversity, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. David Koren, The Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security; Director, the Eastern Jerusalem Strategic Planning Department in the Ministry of Education

Prof. Yaël Ronen, The Academic Center for Law and Science, Hod Hasharon



Moderator: Racheli Ibenboim, Head, Shaharit’s Haredi Program

Tehila Friedman, former MK of the Blue and White Party

Aviv Tatarsky, Ir Amim Association

Sara Haetzni-Cohen, Chair, My Israel Movement

Mahmoud Muna, Manager, Educational Book Shop, East Jerusalem

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