On Campus | Imagination and Belief

Research Workshop of the Israel Science Foundation

Monday | 19.09.22
Until Wednesday | 21.09.22

Imagination and Belief

Workshop |

The aim of the workshop is to bring together several of the top scholars in the field to present work on a range of philosophical topics related to imagination and belief. The workshop examines the relation between imagination and belief so as to reveal intrinsic aspects in which imagining is belief-like. New perspectives on topics to be discussed in the workshop may shed light on yet obscure issues. Here is a partial list of topics that will be addressed at the workshop:

  • The relation between imaginings and truth / fictional truth versus the relation between beliefs and truth / fictional truth.
  • The feasibility of reducing imaginings to beliefs or to other kinds of mental states.
  • The relation between mental imagery and propositional imagination versus the relation between perceptual experiences and beliefs.
  • The possibility of acting on, and responding emotionally and conatively to, one’s imaginings non-consciously.
  • The extent to which imaginings (vis-à-vis beliefs) respond to evidence.

Dr. Alon Chasid (Bar-Ilan University)
Dr. Elvira Di Bona (University of Turin)

The Lechter Institute for Literary Research
The Lewis Family Foundation for International Conferences in the Humanities

In cooperation with Bar-Ilan University

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