On Campus & Online | On Sacredness and Politics

Wednesday | 28.07.21 | 20:00

A panel discussion in honor of the publication of

The Dawn of Redemption

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Since the establishment of the State of Israel, and particularly in recent decades, Jewish religious tradition has been identified with the political right. However, historically—and also fundamentally—this identification is not obvious. In The Dawn of Redemption (Ivrit Publishing, 2021), Mikhael Manekin presents a different reading of Jewish religious and halachic tradition and sees in it the basis for a politics of compromise, moderation, and patience. Manekin, who is religiously observant and served as the executive director of the NGO Breaking the Silence, argues in his book with Ben-Gurion, Rabbi Herzog, Yeshayahu Leibowitz, and Micha Goodman in order to present a different view of the relation between sacredness and politics, and to portray the social and political left as relying on traditional Jewish texts, not as a retrospective justification, but rather as a commandment from the outset.


Chair: Ameer Fakhoury, director, Research Institute, Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam; co-director, Shared Nationalism research group, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

Dr. Nechumi Yaffe, Tel Aviv University

Prof. Ishay Rosen-Zvi, Tel Aviv University; Shalom Hartmann Institute

Yael Gidanyan, chair, Singing Communities; active in culture, society, and coexistence in Israel

Mikhael Manekin, author, The Dawn of Redemption; co-director of the Shared Nationalism research group, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

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