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Wednesday | 22.06.22 | 16:00

The Business of Doing Good

A conversation with

Prof. Iddo Tavory

about the upcoming book

Tangled Goods: The Practical Life of Pro Bono Advertising

By Iddo Tavory, Sonia Prelat, Shelly Ronen

(University of Chicago Press, 2022)

Hosted by: Dr. Wan-Zi Lu
Polonsky Academy Fellows at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

How do different goods become tangled and untangled in the world of pro bono advertising? Why is an industry known for biting cynicism and cutthroat competition also an industry in which people dedicate time and effort to “doing good”? In Tangled Goods, Iddo Tavory and his co-authors, Sonia Prelat and Shelly Ronen, draw from interviews with advertising professionals and managers to investigate pro bono marketing, exploring the complex moral dimensions of philanthropic advertising, and provide a way to think about the pragmatic intersection of goods in organizational life.

Iddo Tavory is an Associate Professor of Sociology at NYU and the Editor of Sociological Theory

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