The “Attempted Coup” in Jordan: Current Events, History, and Thoughts about Middle Eastern Studies in Israel

A lecture by Dr. Assaf David

Tuesday | 04.05.21 | 19:00

The event will take place at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and online | 

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Jordan has popped up again in the public discourse in Israel (and elsewhere), this time because of the “attempted coup,” and within a few days it has sunk back into the depths of oblivion. However, on the other side of the border the drama continues, and the plot twists and turns as it develops. It is nourishing the next crisis, which will also be covered frenetically for a few days and will disappear as suddenly as it appeared.

What is the background of this resounding, unprecedented, rupture between King Abdullah II and Prince Hamza, his nephew and the former heir to the throne? Which personages, events, and processes in Jordanian history have come to the fore as a result? Is history—or the social sciences—the best key for understanding the current events? What explanations can the Israeli discipline of Middle Eastern studies provide to the turbulent events in Jordan, and what explanations is it not able to supply, and why?

We will receive a glimpse of these and other issues in the lecture of Dr. Assaf David, head of the Israel in the Middle East theme at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and an expert on Jordan.

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