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Tuesday | 11.05.21 | 19:00

Conversation |

with Lauren Redniss |

Hosted by Prof. Oren Harman

Scholars have asserted that Charles Darwin's drawings were essential to the development of his theory of evolution. For Einstein, the experience of the mysterious was "the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science." Conventional wisdom views the disciplines of art and science as diametric opposites, but the historical record, and our own lived experience, overturns the clichés. A painting can be an exercise in hard-nosed inquiry, a lab experiment can be a poetic flight of fancy. Both are ways of investigating and making sense of the world. Please join us for a conversation about fog and weather control, about sacred land, and extractive industry. We will consider the ways images have aided scientific discovery and have helped communicate scientific knowledge, making new ideas vivid and clear.


Lauren Redniss, Author, Artist, MacArthur Fellow

Prof. Oren Harman, Bar-Ilan University; The Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem

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