Dr. Limor Yehuda

Senior Research Fellow, leader of the “partnership-based peace” project

Dr. Limor Yehuda is a senior research fellow and leader of the “Partnership-Based Israeli-Palestinian Peace” project at the VLJI, and a jurist who studies conflicts and peace processes from a comparative, theoretical and multidisciplinary perspective, with a focus on the Israeli-Palestinian case. She earned all of her degrees at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Law. She lectures on transitional justice, democracy and multiculturalism at the Hebrew University Faculty of Law.

Dr. Yehuda is currently studying processes of transition from conflict to peace, with a focus on the Israeli-Palestinian case. Her book “Collective Equality: Human rights and Democracy in the Resolution of ethnonational conflicts” was recently published by Cambridge University Press.

Dr. Yehuda is a research fellow at the Minerva Center for the Rule of Law Under Extreme Conditions at Haifa University, and since 2021 has co-led with Ameer Fakhoury and Oren Yiftachel the thinking group “A partnership-based Israeli-Palestinian peace" at the VLJI.

In addition to her academic work, Limor is a founding member of A Land for All (“Two States, One Homeland”), and co-chair of its executive board. She was previously a legal assistant at Israel’s Supreme Court, an assistant in the state committee of inquiry into the Versaille wedding hall disaster, and a lawyer and director of the department for human rights in the Occupied Territories at the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI).

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