Prof. Aziz Haidar

Senior Research Fellow

Professor Aziz Haidar is a research fellow at the H. S. Truman Institute in the Hebrew University. He earned a PhD degree in Sociology and Anthropology from the Hebrew University and was a visiting scholar at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. He now teaches sociology at the David Yellin College in Jerusalem. Prof. Haidar was the head of Sociology Department at Birzeit University for four years and taught sociology there until 1997. That year he founded the Institute for Area Studies at Alquds University, and today he serves as the director of that Institute. He is the author of the chapters "The Economic Strategy" and "The Social Strategy" in "The Future Vision of the Palestinian Arabs in Israel".

At the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute he was the director of The Growth and Consolidation of the Arab Middle Class in Israel. In 2006–2007 he directed the Arab Local Government in Israel research project.

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