Global Objects

The Global Objects series is the fruit of a project led by Dr. Kfir Cohen Lustig at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. The series aims to understand the global nature of objects whose meanings are broad and simultaneously hidden and even denied, worldwide and in Israel. Underlying the series is the view that materials have an important place in our intellectual and social lives, and that objects have an important role in the study of history, sociology, and philosophy.

Through a series of objects, the books of the series examine the systems that shape our lives: politics, economy, science, and environment. Each book traces a selected object in order to understand how the world is involved in its creation, and how the object, in turn, influences world history. In this way, Hebrew-readers can learn about the discussions taking place today in the world of research in general and in the study of world history and material history in particular.

Series editors: Prof. On Barak and Prof. Michael Zakim

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