The project is conducted in conjunction with The Shaharit Institute and seeks to create an alternative theoretical space for the familiar discourse of Israeli peace camp to which most of the non-liberal groups in Israel (traditionalist Mizrahim, Religious Zionists, and the ultra-Orthodox) are opposed. The project provides a platform for non-liberal groups to voice their visions of peace and its diverse meanings. Our hope is that the theoretical space created will encourage a search for new—more inclusive and effective—paths for thinking and acting. The first conference on this topic was held at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute in March 2019, with the participation of peace activists representing a wide range of groups (e.g., Jewish settlers, Arabs, Palestinians from the West Bank, left-wing liberals). The preliminary findings of an opinion poll on peace were presented. The poll's results, together with other empirical sources on the subject, will feed a new series of studies.