The Halakhah as Event

Edited by

Avinoam Rosenak

Publisher Van Leer Institute Press and Magnes Press
Language Hebrew
Series Jewish culture and identity Publications

The Halakhah is a cultural event and not only a book of Jewish religious laws. And the philosophy of the Halakhah is also supposed to deal with the philosophy of the halakhic event. Surprisingly, however, philosophers of the Halakhah have not yet addressed the event itself. The scholars whose articles are included in this volume attempt to rise to this challenge. However, their attempt involves an internal contradiction, because the event is something that cannot be conceptualized by the written word, and therefore it requires us to embark on the fascinating journey between the possible and the impossible.

What is the nature of the Halakah as an event? What is the knowledge involved in halakhic activity that cannot be conceptualized and expressed in writing? How does the insight that the Halakhah is primarily an event completely change the field of the philosophy of the Halakah?

Philosophers of the Halakhah have not yet dealt with the Halakhah as an event, and those whose work is included in this anthology—researchers from various areas of knowledge—attempt to meet this new challenge, bringing to it tools from areas such as philosophy, Jewish thought, performance, film, group dynamics, cognition, and gender. These reshape the space and discourse of the philosophy of the Halakhah.

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