The Legacy of Polish Solidarity

Social Activism, Regime Collapse, and Building of a New Society

Edited by

Andzrej Rychard, Gabriel Motzkin

Publisher Van Leer Institute Press and Peter Lang International Academic Publishers
Language English
Year of Publication 2015

Polish Solidarity was a phenomenon combining a trade union, a social movement and general ideas of freedom and solidarity. Led by Lech Walesa it contributed greatly to the evolution of the old system and to its final collapse in 1989, followed then by the end of the communist regimes in all of Central Europe. Today we celebrate the 25th anniversary of these peaceful revolutions. What is left of Solidarity? What is still important? How did it evolve and how did it contribute to the collapse of the old system, and to the building of the new? These are the questions the authors, leading specialists on social movements, institutions, structures and social change address in this book.

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