Who Leads?

Israeli-Diaspora Relations

Gabriel (Gabi) Sheffer, Hadas Roth-Toledano, with the participation of Libat Avishai
Publisher Van Leer Institute Press and Hakibbutz Hameuchad
Language Hebrew
Year of Publication 2006
Series Jewish culture and identity Publications, Theory in Context Series

Who Governs the Jewish People? Israeli-Diaspora Relations is the first of its kind. The innovative analytical methods reveal far-reaching facts and conclusions. The authors were motivated by the need to re-examine the very substantive changes in the relations between Israel and the Diaspora. These changes continue to bring into focus primary areas of activity pertaining to the Jewish people as a whole and to the relations between Israel and the Diaspora. The authors examine in depth the new cultural, perceptual, ideological, and behavioral trends in Israel and the Diaspora, which have taken shape as a consequence of these substantive changes.

This book is based on independent research that, unlike other publications on this topic, is not related to any of the institutions or organizations active in the field and was not funded by any of them. This helps ensure that the findings and conclusions are unbiased. We hope that this book will spark extensive and thorough public discussion on this issue, which has not been sufficiently discussed in Israel.

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