An Academy, but different: A new promotional video

Daniela Charbit | 09.05.2021 | Photo: Tamar Abadi, Van Leer Multimedia

מאחורי הקלעים של סרטון התדמית מכון ון ליר

We have an urgent need for a new language, an up-to-date view, solutions that have not yet been tried and gone stale.

The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute offers a different way of asking the questions. It is an academy, but of a different nature.

In the last year we went on an adventure of shooting our new promotional video, with a talented and dedicated team that participated in full and fun shooting days both inside the Institute and outside. We swam with sharks, we went on archaeological digs, and we even “reached” Asia and other surprising locations.

Daniel Jonas, Director of Spokemanship and PR at the VLJI, who was present and even actively participated in the video, says: “The Institute surprised me from the outset because it did not take the ‘safe’ road of a traditional, predictable film. As soon as they chose the advertising agency (Brief.) I knew this film was going to be different. The product, which is impressive in content and quality, will bring a breath of fresh air to the Institute and make you, the viewer, want to see more.”

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