On Campus | The Future of Cancer Research

Thursday | 09.06.22 | 19:00

The Future of Cancer Research

Lecture by Prof. Anya Plutynski |

In this talk, Dr. Plutynski will offer a historian’s and philosopher’s perspective on cancer and cancer research and will argue for a vision of the future. The story starts with Peto’s paradox—that larger, long-lived organisms do not get cancer more often than smaller, shorter-lived ones. In this talk, Dr. Plutynski argues that while the past fifty years have certainly led to progress in our scientific understanding of cancer, there has also been a loss. In the service of genuine progress in cancer science, treatment, and prevention, she urges a return to a more integrative, multidisciplinary approach and suggests a new model for how scientists and clinicians can work together more effectively toward better prevention and treatment of this terrible disease. Historical and philosophical reflection on cancer can thus promote better science and medicine, hopefully improving the welfare of the many families and communities affected by cancer.


Prof. Anya Plutynski, Washington University in St. Louis
Chair: Prof. Oren Harman, Bar-Ilan University; The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

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