On Campus | Solidarity in Healthcare

Wednesday | 28.12.22
Until Thursday | 29.12.22

The Evolutionary Lens

The 33rd Annual International Workshop on the History and Philosophy of Science |

For invitees only |

Academic director: Dr. Hagai Boas, the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

The workshop is supported by Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas, Tel Aviv University, the Edelstein Center for the History and Philosophy of Science, Technology and Medicine, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

This workshop discusses the many faces of solidarity as a theoretical concept relevant to contemporary challenges in healthcare. Solidarity gains momentum in recent years as a useful concept delineating the new social formations that confront global risks such as the Covid-19 epidemic, immigration, climate change and the like as well as new sociological frontiers opened by the introduction of advanced medical technologies such as donation of bodily organs, tissues or cells, genomics, and precision medicine. The workshop is part of the ongoing activity of an international study group (led by Prof. Dani Filc and Dr. Hagai Boas) on solidarity in healthcare a which involves research teams that empirically explore cases in the field of health and medicine that can enrich our understanding on the intricacy of this concept. The aim of the workshop is to present these on-going original studies in a closed and thorough discussions by the group members.  We hope to write a proposal for a book or a special issue in a selected journal as a result of this workshop. Among the cases that will be discussed: the evolution of political solidarity among people with disabilities, the social boundaries of organ donations, the commodification and instrumental of bodily sample donations in biobanks, conceptions of solidarity among workers in international health and humanitarian organizations, loneliness as a medical problem and more.

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