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Food Writing between Gender and Nationality

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Tuesday | 21.07.20 | 19:00

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In Israel of the twenty-first century gourmet cooking is still largely the province of Jewish men. Talk and writing about food rewrite not only recipes, but also power relations. How does the gourmetization of home cooking affect the culinary discourse? What is the place of cookbooks—between being monuments to disappearing cuisines and sites of culinary nostalgia and being challenges to the gender and national power relations in the kitchen? How is women’s classic role in patriarchal culture being rewritten within a framework that exalts tradition?

Session Four

A Roundtable Series about Food and Politics

Turning the Tables: Palestinian and Israeli Cuisines on the Cutting Board

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Chefs, sommeliers, and scholars, Jews and Arabs, talk about food and politics in the kitchen.


Sami Tamimi, Chef and partner, Ottolenghi restaurant, London, author of Falastin

Dr. Dafna Hirsch, The Open University of Israel

Kifah Dasuki, Author of Recipes for Peace

Prof. Nimrod Luz, Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee

Moderator: Noa Berger, EHESS, Paris

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