From Gendered Practice to Practice of Equality

A Field Guide

Hadass Ben Eliyahu, Zeev Lerer
PublisherVan Leer Institute Press
Language English
Year of Publication2015
Series Publications of the Center for the Advancement of Women in the Public Sphere (WIPS), Theory in Context Series

This guide presents the action model of Equality in Action, a program that promotes gendered change in organizations by providing tools for social action that is empowering. These tools make it possible to change the rules of the game in the organizations themselves so that they become respectful, egalitarian, and empowering for women.

The first part of the guide presents the model’s rationale and premises, based on the cumulative experience in recent years of a variety of groups and forums acting as part of Equality in Action. This part also includes case studies and a review of the relevant literature. The second part of the guide translates the theoretical premises into an organized, practical methodology of gendered change in organizations.

The guide is aimed at both women and men who are concerned about the status of women in the community and in their professional surroundings and are willing to assume responsibility, who are interested in learning how to decipher the gendered reality in which those women live, and who are willing to be part of a broad network and an active and solidary group of women who are acting to promote gender equality.

The Gender Index in English can be downloaded in PDF form.

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