Halakhah, Meta-Halakhah and Philosophy

A Multi Disciplinary Perspective

Edited by

Avinoam Rosenak

Publisher Van Leer Institute Press and Magnes Press
Language Hebrew
Year of Publication 2011
Series Jewish culture and identity Publications

Halakha, Meta-Halakha, and Philosophy is a fascinating scholarly mosaic, which broadens and redefines the boundaries of the discourse of meta-halakhic research. Readers are invited to observe anew the halakhic dynamic in light of extra-halakhic insights and patterns of thought in philosophy, anthropology, sociology, law, psychology, and education. These help us understand the halakhic corpus and how it operates.

This collection includes discussions of such topics as, what is the contribution of feminism to halakhic discussion? (Tamar Ross); Aristotelian logic and Halakha (Aviram Ravitsky); philosophy of science and language (Meir Buzaglo); the difference between the language of Halakha and the language of Kabala (Joseph Dan); Emmanuel Levinas and Halakha (Joelle Hensell); and halakhic mourning and hope (Hanoch Ben Paz). The book ends with a debate over values, worldview, and halakhic change, by Yitzhak Engelhard, David Halivni, David Hartman, and Aviezer Ravitzky.

Leading scholars and young, promising scholars contributed to this unique book.

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