The Gender Index 2014

Gender Inequality in Israel


Hagar Tzameret-Kertcher

Publisher Van Leer Institute Press
Language English
Year of Publication 2014
Series Gender Index, Publications of the Center for the Advancement of Women in the Public Sphere (WIPS)

The Gender Index, an innovative tool developed by WIPS – The Center for the Advancement of Women in the Public Sphere, serves to evaluate gender inequality in Israel across a spectrum of fields over time. The 2014 Gender Index is based on the calculation of gender inequality in Israel in ten key domains: the labor market, gendered segregation of professions, violence against women, gender inequality in the periphery, gender inequality in Arab society in Israel, poverty, education, power, health, and family status. The Gender Index’s contribution lies in its systematic examination of data in a variety of spheres over several years, to provide an overall depiction of the state of gender inequality in Israel.

Unlike other gender indexes, the Gender Index takes into account aspects of gender inequality that address issues of diversity and deep social structures of inequality—for example, Arab society, gendered segregation in the workforce, and violence against women.

The Gender Index is a tool to develop public discourse and awareness regarding the varied expressions of gender inequality. Furthermore, as a monitor of the status of women in Israel, it is a powerful tool for evaluating Israeli state policies and initiatives directed at increasing gender equality and promoting social justice.

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