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We have an urgent need for a new language, an up-to-date view, solutions that have not yet been tried and gone stale.
The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute offers a different way of asking the questions. It is an academy, but of a different nature.

The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute fosters interdisciplinary research in the humanities and social sciences out of a commitment to a just and open society, integrated in the region. The Institute addresses issues at the center of the public agenda: secularity in a post-secular society, post-capitalism, globalization, Israel and the Middle East, the relationship between science, technology and civilization, gender and feminism, and issues concerning the challenge of shared living. The Institute, in all of its activities, is committed to human diversity. The Van Leer Institute Press publishes research and nonfiction books, policy studies and position papers on social and humanistic subjects. The Institute also houses the Polonsky Academy, an intellectual home for 25 outstanding postdoctoral students from Israel and abroad.

Every year the Institute holds dozens of events for the general public, including online events, free of charge.

We are back to activities at the Institute! For updates, follow our Facebook and YouTube pages.

Read the article on the promotional video's behind-the-scenes.


Brief. – Advertising agency
Project manager – Kobi Charbit, Yonatan Strier
Creative development – Yonatan Strier
Cast – Tamar Benbenishty, Nisso Khavia
Producer – Netta Lev Tov
Director – Adam Robson
Screenplay and narration – Roie Ravitzky
Director of Photography – Roi Kayzerman
Light and Online Coloring – Doron Ben Zvi
Editor – Kobi Charbit
Art and Wardrobe Design – Ortal Marciano
Makeup – Tamar Benin
Original Music and Sound Design – Sean Fattal
Assistant Director – Hani Gal-ed
Camera Assistant – Roei Hirsch
Light Assistant – Adir Elharar
Art Assistant – Eran Politi
Production Assistant – Tamara Itzhak
BTS Shooting – Maxim Dinshtein
Muli Asido – Story Board
Graphic Design – Brief. – Maya Kedem


Van Leer Staff:
Prof. Shai Lavi, Director of the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute
Shimon Alon, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute
Zippi Hecht, Assistant to the Director
Dr. Yochi Fischer, Deputy director of the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute
Daniel Jonas
Tamar Abadi


Miri Vaknin
Lilach Karsenty
Shaya Kahn
Cathy Sef-Charbit
Gaia Niv
Adam Klin-Oron
Yael Shalev-Vigiser
Marina Sher
Tsameret Levy-Daphny
Shani Bar-Tuvia
Leah Bardugo
Dafna Schreiber
Daniel Jonas


We would like to thank:
Israel Aquarium – Alon, Yael and the entire aquarium staff
Ron "Mogli" Nusbaum – Diver
Israel Antiquities Authority
Doron Altaratz
Paz Sher
Talbiye Restaurant
Nitay Baruch


Tzfati grocery shop
Talbiye Restaurant
Burger Room
Pizzeria Flora


Camera equipment rental:
Utopia Camera Services


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